Operation And Constructional Features Of Pneumatic System Components

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Explain the following operation and constructional features of pneumatic system components
ii. Check Valve 
iii. Pneumatic actuator

Operating principle
A gas or air compressor is a mechanical device that increases pressure of the gas by decreasing its volume. And air compressor is a one specific type of gas compressor. They are similar to pipe as both obeys the same principle to increase the pressure on a fluid and both can transport the fluid through pipes. As compressor make use of gas and gasses are compressible so they reduces the volume to increase the pressure.

Principle make use of Boyle’s law
According to it at constant temp. volume and pressure are inversely proportional. So by decrease or increase in one factor may have a corresponding effect on the other.

Types of compressors
Basic types of compressors
Positive displacement
Turbo compressor
Their main distinction lies in their method of energy transfer and pressure generation

Positive displacement compressor work on the principle of increasing the pressure f a definite volume of air by reducing that volume in an enclosed chamber.
Dynamic (turbo) compressor employs rotatory vanes or impellers to impart velocity and pressure to the flow of air being handled. The pressure comes from the dynamic effect such as centrifugal force.

Positive displacement compressors again subdivided
Reciprocating type
Rotary type

Constructional features

There are many geometrical

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