Operation Crossroads Research Paper

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The United States has a lot of practice in making and advancing displays. Professional sports, for instance, is a great example, is a great example of making a spectacle of professional athletes and of the audience. The American public just acknowledges the way that it is so expensive cash to go to such occasions and that professional athletes are paid such a great amount of money to play a game. The music and television businesses are another case of this level of spectacle. Millions of dollars are spent on entertainment like this when kids living down the road from all of us don 't have enough to eat. We live in a society where bigger is better and faster is even better than that.In the mid 1900 's, two occasions emerge as exhibitions in American history. Operation Crossroads and the 1939 World 's Reasonable were gigantic occasions on many levels. Operation Crossroads was a nuclear test the United States conducted on the Bikini Atoll Island to see if Navy warships could withstand such a blast. Before they tested the bomb,the island was a base for some soldiers of the United States Army.…show more content…
After all the propaganda that the public believed, they tried making the atomic bomb sound like something really good and entertaining. After Admiral Blandy announced that experimental animals would be used Bikini , thousands more protest letters from anti anti vivisection societies, church organizations, and individual animal lovers swamped the White house, Capitol hill, and the war and navy departments. “The humane societies all over the country will find any ignorant stupid people from beating their pets or starving them”, wrote a woman from Venice, California, “and yet people in high positions are allowed to plan such fiendish things. As a moral standard it speaks very poorly for America.” This quote barely addresses the terrible impact done to the Bikini Atoll Island and the native people who lived there. This island still cannot be lived on today due to radioactive
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