Operation Desert Storm

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Desert Storm, also known as The Gulf War, is one of the greatest victories in United States history. It consisted of two phases, Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Desert Storm. Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq, intended on conquering Kuwait and eventually pursue the takeover of Saudi Arabia. Had Iraq succeeded, it would have been in control of 20% of the world’s oil supply. However, thanks to the quick response from the United States, and collaboration from many other nations, Saddam Hussein’s Army was quickly defeated and Kuwait liberated. During the course of The Gulf War, several military fronts were in place and Air Defense Artillery had a vital role in the defeat. Why invade Kuwait? He, along with Iraqi Nationalist strongheartedly believed that Kuwait should be part of Iraq. In addition, the supergiant Ramaila oil field in Iraq marginally stretches into the northern border of Kuwait. The oil rights to the field led to…show more content…
W. Bush, announced that the U.S. would deploy forces in a defensive operation to protect Saudi Arabia. Operation Desert Shield began. Desert Shield initiated a dramatic increase of U.S. troops and resources in the Gulf region and along the Saudi Arabia border in preparation of Iraqi forces striking the Saudis. On November 29, the United Nations Security Council gave Iraq the deadline of midnight January 16, 1991 to leave Kuwait or face forcible removal by any means necessary. The deadline came and went and the Iraqi’s continued to refuse withdrawal. On January 17, Operation Desert Shield became Operation Desert Storm. Desert Storm began with a massive bombing of Hussein’s armies in Iraq and Kuwait. These bombing sorties continued for several weeks. On occasions, there were up to 2,500 of such missions per day. The bombing missions pounded Iraq’s military and in response, Iraq launched SCUD missiles at American barracks in Saudi Arabia and

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