Operation Iceberg Research Paper

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Operation Iceberg, commonly referred to as the Battle of Okinawa, was the beginning of increased and intense fighting led by America and its allies to destroy the remaining Japanese fighters. With Germany on the verge of surrendering, Japanese forces maintained their drive to take over the war. Unbeknownst to them, Okinawa was their last and only chance to defend their country successfully. The leadership of the Japanese forces didn 't realize that Japan was in threat of being completed defeated. Japan was prepared to fight with more than 155,000 troops with the extensive lion 's share belonging to Lieutenant General Mitsuru Ushijima estimated at approximately 100,000. Because of the strongholds that the Japanese was set in, it was getting harder to bring down their reign while at the same time…show more content…
They began in Okinawa since it had the heft of air bases that made Japan’s military successful in the past. With that in mind, on the off chance that American troops and its allies could decimate Japan’s aviation based armed forces, this could hamper the ability for Japan to recreate strategies to successfully strike back or assault. The vital view that partners of America needed to conquer the Japanese forces was sketched out into 4 fundamental stages that the Navy, Army, and Marines cooperated in. The main stage comprised of the progression toward the East bank of Okinawa. The second stage depended on clearing the north to secure that flank. Next, they expected to kill and secure the majority of the illustrating islands of Okinawa. These 3 stages were done in less than a seven day time period. At last, to complete off the Japanese powers the American troops would need to battle their way through the remaining parts of Okinawa. This last stage took nearly the remaining part of the 80 day long fight. Upon completion of these phases, American forces expected Japanese forces to be in a cautious state battling for their last opportunity to make due in World War
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