Operation In Daniel Keye's Flowers For Algernon

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Imagine having the intelligence of a kindergartener, and you have the chance to become a genius, but potentially only for a little bit. Would you take that risk? Charlie Gordon, the protagonist in author Daniel Keye’s, Flowers for Algernon made the right choice by undergoing a life changing operation. If Charlie did not have the surgery he would not have had a personal relationship with Miss Kinnian, he wouldn’t have experienced the real world, and science wouldn’t have progressed towards their research.
If not for the operation Charlie wouldn’t have developed a personal relationship with Miss Kinnian. Both Charlie and Miss Kinnian fell in love with one another. In the story, Charlie clearly stated “I’m in love with Miss Kinnian.” Charlie admits his feelings for Alice during the time his
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“Someday thousands of neurosurgeons might be using his technique all over the world.” Even though Charlie regressed they were still a step closer to figuring out what to do to make someone smarter. Science wouldn’t have taken a step forward. “I’m the first dumb person to find something out for science.” It helped them know if the operation plan needed adjustments so that down the road if they were to try to do the operation again they could make changes that wouldn’t make the person regress. Even though the opposing side thinks they should’ve held off to do the surgery until the scientists and doctors were 100% sure, you can never be 100% sure, and science wouldn’t have developed as fast.
It is clear that Charlie and the doctors made the right decision by performing the operation on him. It was crucial of him to go through with the surgery because if he didn’t he wouldn’t have developed a relationship with Miss Kinnian, he wouldn’t have experienced new things, and science would not have progressed. Imagine if you were in Charlie’s position, would you have taken that
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