Operation LINEBACKER II: The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was an effort of both political and man power. The first couple years gained little traction in resolving for peace. Operation ROLLING THUNDER was a great idea and would have worked with the right application and support but political issues made it ineffective. Operation LINEBACKER II was what change the war and drove the Vietcong to peace agreements. I can agree that if LINEBACKER II was implemented in 1965 the war would have ended much sooner. The bombing restrictions that were lifted and the shear force of the bombing raids of the operation put fear in the Vietcong that soon led to peace. Many things changed that made LINEBACKER II more effective. The use of “smart” bombs allowed aircraft to attack targets that were otherwise restricted for safety of allied forces, religious areas or civilians. The new bomb greatly increases permissible targets and allowed for air support from big bombers such as the B-52. It made it easier for aircraft to attack at night and during storms which also made it safer for the pilots flying the sorties. The objective was not just to destroy the ability to fight but also the will to fight. The allies did this by the use of the B-52s. Many times the enemy wouldn’t know the B-52 was above them…show more content…
During ROLLING THUNDER presidential elections restricted the war effort in fear of loss of support. This was the biggest problem since it restricted what the aircraft could target and how much they bombed. Once President Nixon was elected he realized the war needed to be ended and removed most of the restrictions which allowed for complete destruction of the Vietcong’s will to fight. The use of the B-52s and more advance weaponry and aircraft also aided tremendously. If LINEBACKER II had been used earlier in the war I don’t believe the war would have lasted as long as it

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