Operation Market Garden Essay

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ominique Roan ENGWR 300 Shapiro 12-1-15 Was Operation Market Garden Necessary? Operation Market Garden failed because of the inability to come up with a strategy that both Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery, General Omar Bradley, commander of the 12th Army Group in the Allied center, senior commander George S. Patton, and supreme commander Eisenhower agreed upon. (Hickman) The operation was destined for failure because of the lack of men, the inability to transport equipment, and not being able to utilize communication. A famous writer named Stephen Ambrose wrote a biography on Eisenhower, and he found out the true reason why the supreme commander Eisenhower made the decision to carry out the Market Garden campaign. Not supplying enough…show more content…
Operation Market Garden became the first operation where the airborne troops would be put to use. The goal was to get the British Second Army and the British Guards to cross over into the lower part of the Rhine River area. The Rhine River was located in the Netherlands. The general of this operation was Field-Marshal Bernard Montgomery. After securing this area in the Netherlands, the force of northern Germany would weaken, which would allow Allied units to begin to move further into Germany. The British needed more leverage, so the British First Airborne Division, and the United States 101st Airborne Division were dropped into the Netherlands. The Operation needed to be during the day, and the objective was to catch the enemy off guard, and to take control over the bridges in order for the British to cross over. The American general, President Dwight Eisenhower, had made the decision to use Montgomery's strategy. The first reason being the pressure from Eisenhower’s superior in the United States to coordinate and send off a team of highly trained paratroopers. “Then, Montgomery had long been advising Eisenhower on the folly of a broad-front strategy, for that many military leaders in history had lost their hard-earned initiative by failing to concentrate their forces. This would allow Montgomery to launch his assault on the industrial heartland of Germany and end the war by Christmas.” (Greenarce 284) General Dwight D Eisenhower was the commander of the operation which would take over the land campaign from
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