Operation Northwoods Operation Plan

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Operation Northwoods was an operation that would plan to end Communism in Cuba in 1962. The US were in thick Cold War conflict during this period. Operation Northwoods was part of a bigger operation called Operation Mongoose. Operation Mongoose was concocted by General Edward Lansdale of the United States air force. Operation Northwoods was an operation inside the Department of Defence and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. this was similar to the incident of February 1898 when 266 U.S. sailors were killed on a battleship in Havana, this sparked the Spanish-American war. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were in the driving seat of the operation and it was heavily taken on by the chairman Lyman Lemnitzer. The proposal was presented to Secretary of State Robert…show more content…
This would have been the perfect opportunity for Lemnitzer to put forward the operation. The operation was only made public on 18 November 1997 by the John F Kennedy assassination Records Review Board.
The main objective of the operation was to carry out terrorist attacks on the people living in the Florida area of America. These attacks would be blamed on the Cuban government. Lemnitzer and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were hoping that this would cause the US government to issue an invasion of Cuba. Lemnitzer even proposed attacks of Washington DC. Lemnitzer planned to use the CIA to carry out these attacks.
Lemnitzer believed that they should trick the American people and the world into hating Castro and Cuba and therefore decreasing the support for communism. In my opinion Lemnitzer and his accomplices were not fit for a job in politics. John Glenn was to become the first American to orbit the earth. He was scheduled to lift off on 20th February 1962, Lemnitzer proposed to general Landsdale that they should rig Glens rocket to explode and therefore killing him. This explosion would be blamed on Cuba. Lemnitzer said “the objective is to provide irrevocable proof that...the fault lies with the communists et al Cuba” he
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