Operation Overlord

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D-DAY Operation Overlord, more commonly known as D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in history. The allied invasion of Normandy On June 6th, 1994, code name Operation Overlord, was the most decisive battle for the Americans in WWII. There were three major causes that led up to D-Day: the expanding of Germany, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the sinking of U.S. ships.
There were also three major outcomes of D-Day: ended war quickly, and Germany after the war, sent soldiers home. The war began because Germany had spiraled into an economic depression after WWI. According to Craig L.Symonds (2014)“The germans had just reached a population of around 65 million” and with their weak government the people were open to extremist ideas this gave Adolf Hitler the opening he needed to rise to power. Hitler rose to power as head of the Nazi party from 1934 to 1945. He initiated World War II and oversaw fascist parties that resulted in millions of deaths.(Adolf Hitler biography, n.d.). With Hitler as germany’s leader they began their march across Europe. Towards the beginning of the war the U.S. had decided not to involve itself in the European battle until Pearl Harbor. On december 7,
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did not involve themselves in the beginning of the war, they had been shipping supplies for the British troops to use against the Germans. The German naval forces soon started blocking these routes and intercepting the supplies. When a U.S. cargo ship carrying wheat was on its way to England it was intercepted by a german cruiser. The german captain took their cargo then sank their ship.(History 2014) The Germans started sinking more and more supplies ships. During WWI Germany had sank a cruise ship sinking 128 American Civilians demonstrating their new U-boat submarine powers. With Germany 's unrestricted naval warfare against the U.S. supply ships the U.S. started escorting them with battleships and once the war started they began sinking the germans naval

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