Operation Overlord Timeline

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September 2. 1945 -The war in Europe has just recently ended with the United States dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war started in 1939 and quickly turned into a global conflict, with nations such as Great Britain and the Soviet Union banding together to form the allied powers. While Germany, Italy, and Japan formed the axis powers. The Axis quickly expanded, capturing territories in Europe from Poland all the way to the coast of France. The Japanese side of the axis began the conquest of Eastern Asia, gaining control of china, while at the same time expanding through the Pacific Ocean, gaining control of various parts and giving them one of the strongest navies at the time. The allies, meanwhile, struggled out of the gate early in the war, losing ground instead of making progress. On the eastern…show more content…
The United States responded by declaring war on Japan, which caused Germany to declare war on them. The United Stated entered the war on the allied side and immediately went to work on putting together an army. Through the help of the industrialized American economy, factories that were making textiles could quickly switch to making weapons. Places like Willow Run, Michigan produced planes to give the United States a feared air force. The axis powers continued to grow until June 6, 1944. Operation Overlord, the major turning point of the war, was a combined effort of the United States and Great Britain. Together with thousands of troops they pushed the Nazi forces away from the coastline and gave the allies a new foothold in Europe. The Allies continued to push back and chip away at the Nazi border until May of 1945, when Germany officially surrendered to the allied powers and ended the European Conflict. The devastation of the war has left Europe scarred and destroyed, it will take decades to rebuild what was lost and to regain its former
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