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Operation Paperclip and its Scientific Advancements During the beginning of WWII it was clear that the Nazis had better military technology. As the war went on the allies were eventually able to catch up and be on the same level technology wise. Once the war ended and the allies stormed through Germany and were able to find all the data and technological advancements that the Nazis had made. The United States was impressed by their research and findings that they decided to pardon Nazi scientists if they brought their research to the United States. This is what led to the infamous operation paperclip were many of the scientists that worked for the Germans now began to work for the U.S. When President Harry Truman formally ordered the operation…show more content…
and the Soviet Union. This war was not fought with weapons but with technology to see who could out due each other. The space race came from this. Both the U.S. and Russia were trying to see who could send satellites and people into space. In the end the U.S. won the space race. This was possible with the help of some of the Nazi scientists that were brought over through operation paperclip. One of the most influential scientist to help with NASA was Werner Von Braun. Before the war Von Braun was researching and working on liquid fueled rockets. (2) Later on he successfully sent a rockets the farthest at the time. Later on when he wanted to continue his research he had to work for the military. (2) During the war he was tasked in creating a new weapon and by almost the end of the war he had completed the Vengeance Weapon 2 or better known as the V2 rocket. The V2 rocket was the first long distance ballistic missile and it was also the first object to reach the boundary of space. After the war ended he and his group surrendered without a fight and forfeited all his research and plans on the V2 rocket. The US was intrigued by his research and the V2 rocket that when Operation Paperclip was set into motion he was one of the first to be brought over. Once he was here in the US he was tasked this time to send a satellite into orbit before the

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