Operation Safehouse Analysis

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A. Introduction
Human service organizations fill an essential role within numerous societies and communities. Human services include a wide range of disciplines and skills that focus on improving the lives of individuals and communities through accessibility, accountability, and coordination (National Organization for Human Services, 2015). By addressing individual and collective qualities of service and assistance, organizations fulfill the goals of human service, which are to enhance the well being of people and the public. Without these organizations, the field of human services would be ineffective and counterproductive. According to Human Services Education (2015), three main organizations define human services field: nonprofit or NGO,
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SafeHouse offers youth positive alternatives to becoming victims of the streets” (Volunteer Match, N.d.). Services that are provided by Operation Safehouse include emergency sheltering, community day schools, and outreach programs such as Project Safe Place and Main Street Transitional Living Program. These services encompass core services such as food, education, clothing, rehabilitation, and counseling. By providing these various resources to those in need, this agency accomplishes their goal as a human service organization with their contributions to individuals and to their…show more content…
As part of their mission statement, Operation Safehouse ensures the safety and comprehensive care f an individual who has been a victim of human trafficking. Services including proper assessment, victim advocacy, and basic shelter needs are just some of the assistances provided by the Safehouse organization. According to the Operation Safehouse website, their “philosophy is to bridge the gap of awareness about human trafficking . . . and increase the knowledge and tools to equip the community, service providers, legal, and law enforcement” (Operation Safehouse, N.d.). It is reported that since September 2010, thousands of awareness informational brochures and materials have been provided to the community to prevent future cases of human trafficking and identify victims. Safehouse serves as a co-partner of the Riverside Anti-Human Trafficking Force and works diligently to prevent human trafficking from
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