Operation Snapdragon Research Paper

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Prepping for Indonesia.
Continuing in India.
Starting production in Ethiopia.
Operation SnapDragon’s business is Kingdom Expansion. Our desire? Transformation of lives. This is our battle cry. We’re taking the fight to the enemy’s door. We are soldiers fighting a spiritual war.

1 Peter 5:8 tells us our enemy prowls like a lion, looking for someone to devour. Lions are territorial. Our enemy will attack when his space is invaded. Are gazelles moving into the lion’s pride lands? That’s inviting an attack! What’s a better target for a lion than a gazelle, roaming away from the herd? Together the herd is protected. When a gazelle is alone, that’s when it can and often does get picked off. Are we ready for the lion? Are we ready for spiritual
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He’s in the Kingdom destruction business. He’ll take out the King’s soldiers one by one. Especially unprepared soldiers. Or ones falling asleep. Even one’s caught off guard. No one is exempt.

Operation SnapDragon is no stranger to these attacks. Each attack costs us. Monetarily. Emotionally. And physically. When the enemy comes at us, are we ready? Have we prepared for the battles? Are we praying to be strong and courageous?
God’s trying to get our attention. Staci, my wife, works in ministry. She’s on staff at La Croix Church. And she’s hearing this message . . . those in ministry, those expanding the Kingdom of Jesus, are in a spiritual war. Even Jude, my eight-year-old son, is bringing the spiritual war to my attention. He said to me, just the other day, “the battle isn’t of flesh and blood . . . it’s a spiritual war Dad,” (Ephesians 6:12). When God’s using my kids, I’m thinking there might be something to this . . . God’s trying to get our attention!
Soldiers like us need training. And Jesus gave us the perfect training model. He showed us what to do, how to react, and how to prepare for when we get attacked.
God expects us to get up and
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And we’d better be faithful in our prayers. Operation SnapDragon is moving in faith. It’s time to really focus our attention on prayer. WE CANNOT IGNORE PRAYING FOR OUR MISSION. WE CANNOT FORGET TO PRAY FOR STRENGTH AND PROTECTION FROM THESE SPIRITUAL ATTACKS. And I think in Operation SnapDragon’s growth and success we’ve forgotten about the war.
We need to pray for the mission God has called us to. We are soldiers. We fight for our King. And our fight starts with prayer. Praying to win!

Watching the JESUS Film we know Jesus fasted for 40 days. We know Satan tempted Him. Here Jesus experienced weakness. He went through EXACTLY what we go through. And He called on the Father to help Him through it!
We also know the enemy will attack us when we’re weakest. Hunger. Exhaustion. Emotionally weakened. The enemy waits until soldiers of the King are weak. He waits for it to happen. THEN HE STRIKES! With everything he’s got, he attacks us. And the attacks are RELENTLESS! Without God, we cannot stand up to these attacks.

Brett Cheek, a pastor at La Croix Church, spoke on spiritual attacks. He said there were 3 things Jesus did BEFORE he committed Himself to the Kingdom. These things, in order, are:
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