Operation Valkyrie: The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler

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Valkyrie Approximately sixty million people died during World War 2, ten million of those lives were innocent civilians. As many as 12,000 children were brutally murdered every day in concentration camps. The men and women in these camps seemed abysmal. There was some hope, however, the German resistance was planning a coup d 'etat which started with the assassination of Hitler. Planning the murder of the atrocious man, they found the perfect man for the job. “Adolf Hitler exclaimed ‘Finally a general staff officer with imagination and intelligence!’ After reading Claus Von Stauffenberg’s report.” (Will 64). On July 20, 1944, an anti-nazi resistance attempted to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Adolf Hitler and regain control of Germany, help contribute towards ending the war and reignite a peaceful era with the allied powers. Operation Valkyrie, the official name of the plan drew up by General Friedrich Olbricht’s staff, was not just a plan to kill Hitler, but to end all of the Nazi party and help bring peace back to Germany. “Nation must take precedent over military obedience…show more content…
As a high ranking officer, he was granted admittance into Hitler’s compound. Respected by Hitler, he was happy to see Stauffenberg. Sticking to the plot which seemed essential, stauffenberg was reminded of them. “The leaders of the plot included retired colonel General Ludwig Beck, Major General Henning Von Tresckow, Colonel General Friedrich Olbricht.” (Britannica). His course of action was very simple indeed, leave a suitcase in the main conference room in which Hitler and known associates would be meeting. As simple as it was, Stauffenberg was very nervous, doubting the plan; still loyal to the resistance, Stauffenberg placed the suitcase there. “Eight days later, as Hitler entered a military exhibit, an officer ignited a fuse on a bomb; Hitler had a feral instinct telling him to leave.” (Will
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