Operational Readiness Inspection Essay

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Although I have no idea what is going to happen when I am an officer in the US Air Force, I can imagine common scenarios that are challenging. It is important to use the leadership skills I have developed and studied to improve performance, morale, and mission readiness.
In this scenario, I am a first Lieutenant, a communications officer, at Warner Robins AFB. I am in charge of the Combat Challenge, which is a competition between communication units. We have a good team and are trying to win this year, after a close loss last year. We have been busy and now I have been assigned by the Colonel to prepare for the Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI). I feel overwhelmed and I am not sure if I can complete both tasks successfully. An Air Force Public Affairs Officer Marnee Losurdo explains “ORIs are conducted to evaluate and measure the ability of a unit to perform in wartime, during a contingency or a force sustainment mission, according to Air Force Instruction 90-201, Inspector General Activities. Every wing undergoes an ORI approximately every
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Motivation is going to be imperative because with more responsibility means more work and more hours. The first action I will take is to help everyone realize the importance of the ORI. Inspirational motivation will help people want to do their best. Intellectual stimulation is what I am relying on to motivate my Combat Challenge team, because I am going to have to put that as my second priority. If I was the only contributor on the team, it was probably a pretty awful team. Since, I am inexperienced with the ORI I won’t be doing very much on my own; I will give individual consideration to my team to help each person use their time efficiently. I will show empathy to those that cannot devote as many hours but my team will set very high goals. Finally, I am going to have an idealized influence. I am determined to be the first one in the office and the last to
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