Operations Management: An Example Of Operational Management Of IKEA

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IKEA Executive summary Companies spend lots of revenue in order to meet customer value and demand but due to lack of effective operational management companies face challenges and lack of product demand. Operational management is line management of organizations that highly affect the company’s performance. It is a business function that organizes, coordinate and control the resources needed to produce a good, operational management is a business process to create highest level of efficiency and value add. IKEA success is the best example of operational management. IKEA is Swedish, flat pack based furniture company. Company’s effective management leads IKEA success all over the world with 285 stores in 36 countries. IKEA mass production leads higher rate of production with reduce per unit cost as well higher capacity utilization. IKEA believes that more people should always able to afford their product that’s why the fundamental principal of success is to develop price tag first then design product within that range. IKEA is very much concern about their product and customer vale, low cost and high quality products are the brand image of company, that comes from the effective organization development system, Lean management as well Capacity planning. IKEA believes that they don’t want their product back; company knows the concept of Good Quality is fundamental aspect, that’s why company have their own test lab in order to meet Quality standards. IKEA believes that

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