Operations Management Reflection

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The past three meetings were spent listening to different talks from different industry speakers. They talked about operations management in their respective companies. The class was very much privileged to have had experienced speakers who willingly shared their experiences, insights, practices, and challenges to everyone. For day one, we had Evangeline Clemente of Manila Water; for day two, we had two speakers who were Sophia Soliven of BeautyMNL and Gaudencio Cantos III of Globe Security Services Corporation; and lastly, for day three, Elmerei Cuevas of Diligence Café. Profound lessons were learned from each of them.

Every meeting was very value-adding for me. It is unlikely in an ordinary class that you get to know practical advices for
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Clemente shared to the class. She emphasized the vitality of operations in their company and how efficient management of it could bring so much economic benefits to the company. They were able to significantly improve their service through measuring everything towards efficiency. In fact, she shared that their profits were not greatly affected when Metro Manila was hit by typhoon Ondoy because they were able to work on with operations management. I was also moved when she started sharing her insights of being an operations manager. She said that every manager should know how to engage, enable, and empower. She further elaborated each of these through sharing her experiences. What caught my attention the most was when she asked the class who were introverts in there, then she further said that we (introverts) should overcome our “introvert-ness.” That it is not just an opinion but a necessity we must do, that we should be able to engage with the people. I found this challenging for myself but I am willing to change for the betterment. Ms. Clemente ended her talk with an insightful advice, “At the end of this all, you have to be very bold.”

On the second industry talk, I was curious of how an online business survives in a very competitive industry. And I guess, my question has been answered in a way. Based from what Ms. Soliven imparted, it mostly because of their operations. They track every single detail of
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I found myself teary-eyed at one point of his talk. Mr. Cuevas shared that what he does in his business is to recalibrate and recalibrate (pivot and pursue). Release products and services phase by phase and try the market first. Then, adjust according to what the consumers really want. This strategy I guess, is a good strategy for a start-up business which is still trying to penetrate the market with the service it offers. Mr. Cuevas, all throughout his talk, imparted motivational advices that we should apply as early as now. Few of this are, “Have the right mind set to take things head on”, “If you know your identity, you will never get lost”. The latter struck me most because last semester was a semester full of trials and challenges almost to the point I was about to give up. But when he said this, I have been partly enlightened of what I am about to do, and that is to study because I am a student. And as of now, it is my identity.

As the industry talks ended, I have come to appreciate the importance of operations management in every business and the value of being an operations manager. Operations should never be taken for granted. Also, there were a lot of takeaways that I would keep with me and apply it on my future career. Indeed, profound lessons were

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