Operations Management: The Importance Of Operation Management

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Operation Management is a management of the conversion process which transforms inputs. For example transform inputs such as raw material. The transformation process is known as components. Then, labors are into outputs in the form of final goods and services. It also explore the way organizations produce goods and services. The role of operation manger is important in contributing the operation management to be success. The operation management contributes to the betterment of society because it can increase the standard of living among the society. Standard of living can be influenced by ability to increase the productivity, gross domestic product, and lower cost of goods and services. Basically, standard of living is about the…show more content…
Participation of employees means a process of giving employees a voice in making decisions about their own work. Quality control can be implemented to increase the employee participation. Quality control is an activity which a group of workers solving work related problems such as improving production method, solving the quality problems and etc… Operation management also should provide incentives to the workers so that it can boost productivity and confidence to the work place. Specifying the content and methods of jobs is considered as job design. It focuses on what will be done in a job, who is the one that will do the job, how the job will be done, and where the job will be done. There are four factors that approach to job design which is job simplification, job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment. Job simplification which means the goal of the job design approach is to standardize and specialized tasks. Job enlargement is to combine tasks to give the worker a greater variety of work. The, job rotation is to move workers to different tasks frequently. Job enrichment is to enhance the actual job by building up the employee through motivational factors. Besides, there are advantage of a highly specialized jobs which is they to produce high productivity and relatively low unit costs. They are also largely responsible for the high standard of living. There are also advantage of employee involvement and empowerment which can enhance morale, more productivity, healthier co-worker relationships and creative thinking that contribute to the overall betterment of society as well. Besides, employee empowerment helps to cultivate innovation. Employees that have a stake in the company, growth and sustainability will offer more ideas and problem solving solutions when obstacle arises. Furthermore, as the employees meets particular issue differently than a manger and be able to think of a
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