Ophelia And Hamlet Analysis

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Have you been in love? Love does not have any shape, It does not look at social classes, skin color, even if your parents do not like you to be with her or him, but sometimes those are small obstacles that do not allow us to be with the person we love. A clear example, can be Ophelia and Hamlet in the play called Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. This pair of characters were in love with each other, but, Polonius, Ophelia's father, was against this relationship because he thinks Hamlet is playing around with her. As many relationships, everybody has parallel and contrast things. Even though, compared to Hamlet, Ophelia has someone who supports her after her father's death , Hamlet and Ophelia loss of a parental figure and both of them are obedient to the orders of their fathers because they have a mutual feeling for each other. When we lose a loved one we are used to having someone to comfort us about the loss. In these case…show more content…
This can relate to Ophelia and Hamlet ,both of them are obedient to their fathers. In this case, Polonius is telling Ophelia to abandon her relationship with Hamlet, considering that he thinks that the relationship is not favorable to her. Most compelling evidence is when Polonius claims “ From this time be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence. Set your entreatments at a higher rate than a command to parley”( 1.3.120-123) “ As to give words or talk with Lord Hamlet. Look to ‘t, I charge you,” (1.3.134-135). As a result of his fathers petition, Ophelia decides to obey him. On the other hand, Hamlet is obedient to his mother, since she is asking him to stay with her in the kingdom. Important to realize that she says “ Let not thy mother lose her prayers, Hamlet. I pray thee,stay with us. Go not to Wittenberg”( 1.2.118-119). In response to that, Hamlet obey to his mother and decide to
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