Ophelia And Hamlet Relationship Essay

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Ophelia's and Hamlet Relationship In "No Fear Shakespeare, Hamlet" Ophelia is just an innocent victim that acts on what people tell her to do and don’t respond to what she want. Hamlet and Ophelia's love was real and not yearn, but she let people manipulate her thoughts. When you love somebody they will do whatever it takes to protect and support their loved one while Ophelia plays the victim of loving Hamlet. In the beginning of "Hamlet" Ophelia was convinced by Polonius and Laertes that Hamlet does not love you he is just using you, and that you need to distance yourself and not give all your attention to Hamlet. From this point on, Ophelia sees that her father and brother is trying to keep her from making a fool of herself and getting …show more content…

Easily to win over for anything yet you love him, then you need to support him stop obeying orders. In addition, Polonius tells her to stop talking and hanging out with Hamlet and instead of standing up for what you want you decide to listen. Which shows that Ophelia would rather listen to her father then protect the person she say she loves Hamlet explains your love for hamlet didn't exist only when you wanted it to. Anybody that loves there mate would go through a great deal of trouble just to see them, she just obeyed and didn't bother to make a connect with Hamlet. Meanwhile, when Polonius and the king think Hamlet does not know he is being spied on but he do that's why Hamlet acts out the way he did to Ophelia. Once Hamlet realizes that Ophelia is being used as bait, he decides to make a scene and say harsh things to her. Hamlet doesn't tell them things to hurt Ophelia because he loves her, but to throw the Polonius and the king off. Ay, truly, for the power of beauty will sooner transform honestly from what it is to bawd than

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