Ophelia Loss Of Innocence In Hamlet

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Virtuous Angel “... never doubt that I love” (2.2.119). In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark, tragedy strikes in the innocence of the beautiful Ophelia. However, her purity is manipulated throughout the play. The innocence of Ophelia leads to a pernicious outcome. Throughout the play, every character is exposed to the poison that has spread in the castle. The outcomes becomes fatal for each and every character but has mostly impacted the innocent Ophelia. At the beginning, Ophelia is a innocent beautiful women who is obedient to her father and brother as they believe that she should not be with hamlet. Laertes her brother tells Ophelia, “ If with too credent ear you list his songs/ or lose your heart…show more content…
Hamlet strangely goes up to her. Love becomes the next step to the fatal outcome of Ophelia. As Hamlet approaches Ophelia in her closet, Ophelia runs to tell Polonius, “ He took me by the wrist and held me hard” (2.1.99). Hamlet strangely goes to her closet and takes Ophelia by her wrist without saying a single word to her, Ophelia freaks out of the abnormal way Hamlet treats her. After the incident, Polonius uses Ophelia as a spy plot to reveal the source of Hamlet’s antic disposition. Polonius hands Ophelia a bible to make her look innocent in their spy plot. As Hamlet approaches Ophelia she says, “ My lord, I have remembrance of yours That I have longed long to redeliver. I pray you know receive them” (3.1.102-104). Ophelia tells Hamlet to receive back the gifts that he has once given her. Hamlet became irritated by she has treated him and says, “Get thee to a nunnery” (3.1.140). After their discussion, Hamlet becomes irritated and mad and believes that she should go to a nunnery. In Ophelia and Hamlet’s love many elements became obstacles to their relationship that made everything fall apart. With the manipulation of her innocence and now love became tied together to her fatal…show more content…
As the play progressed many things started changing when both her father and brother demand her to stop seeing Hamlet. As things worsen up the manipulation plot developed and when Polonius died everything went down for Ophelia. Ophelia was just a muppet for Polonius, Hamlet, and Claudius that did not deserve to end in such a tragic manner. She always believe that Hamlet loved her as well as her father and was just the messenger to her both of them conquer what they really wanted. Ophelia’s dead was very tragic but did not deserved to die for the evilness the surrounded
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