Compare And Contrast Essay About Fishing

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Fishing is a hobby and a sport, people have different tastes in what they like to do. Some like to go to the fishing tournaments because they like the competition that goes with it, while other fish just to relax. Good ways to do that is to use a fishing method called trolling. To troll for fish you get a heavy-duty rushing rod and reel set up and you put the boat at a cruising speed of about 5 mph. if you are on the right spots you can catch and abundance of fish but if you’re not you probably won’t do so good here are some reasons why I like to fish.

Fishing for me is a way to not only to have fun, but to enjoy time with family or maybe catch some fish for the night’s dinner. But above all of it I so it because I enjoy it. The difference between salt water and fresh water fishing, fresh water you don’t have to go that far to catch some fish. My personal opinion is that fresh water fishing gets boring after a while as opposed to salt water there is always something different coming at you, if it’s not the weather it’s the beauty of the ocean. I become amazed every time I go salt water fishing because of all the different experiences you have when you go off shore.
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You don’t catch as many fish and the payout isn’t as much. What I mean by payout is the amount of meat you get off of a salt water fish compared to a fresh water fish. With salt water you can sell around the world with the right licensing but you must have your license to do so. The consequences for not having it is costly. The game warden at least in Florida is very strict on their rules and regulations for example a pinched or non-pinched tail of a fish makes the difference of at least in an inch or so. And the different spices of fish is a big key factor as well, the game of fishing is heavily
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