Opinion About Technology

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In these modern days many things had changed. We can see a lot inventions that bring countless benefits to the humankind. The most wondrous thing that has attract trillions of people is technology. Humankind is immersed into it and use it in their daily life. People glue their eyes on it and have to some extent become overly dependent on technology. This can be proven by the acts of people around us. We can see our family and friends using technology everyday such as smart phones and spend almost all of their time in a day just for technology. Not to mention the Internet. This fact makes me realize how technology can change people’s life. People use it for everything from paying their credit cards to finding a famous restaurant. “Why do you have to make your life harder when you can just make everything you desire in just a split of second? “, that is what our generation have been thinking. It is not like I am saying no to technology in our daily life. In my opinion, it does have its pros and cons in using it. You just have to use it wisely.

I want to stress on how humankind feeling of the need for technology has created a big influence in the act of sharing information, ideas, and feelings and also in the ability to produce new things using skills. First of all, I like to discuss in the aspect of communication. There is no doubt that technology brings us a lot of positive outcomes. Using technology, we can connect with many people around the world and at an unbelievably
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