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Abortion is a very controversial topic that has taken the main stage once again in US politics. Recently, new Republican politicians have taken power and have decided to ban abortion. There are two fields of ideas on abortion. One being that it is the murder of an innocent fetus, and that it is completely unethical. The second school of thought is that abortion is a right for women, and that it is ethical. The act of banning abortion is making the rights of women regress rapidly, and many are outraged by it. Pro-Life protesters argue that it is unethical for a woman to receive an abortion as it kills the life of an innocent being, but, they do not think of the lives of the women. Without the abortion, a womans’ life can be destroyed. is being…show more content…
Some believe that the removal of a fetus is murder, but scientifically that is not true. Many members of the medical community would argue that “[t]here is a difference between killing or destroying something and preventing something from coming into existence… Abortion is inherently different from other procedures because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of potential life.” There is a difference between the destruction of an already living human being, and the termination of potential life. In one case, the mother’s life can be ruined or made much more complex, or take away from some aspects of their life. But, with a fetus, it hasn’t been able to go and start a life. The fetus hasn’t begun living outside of the womb, and while it may have potential for some sort of success, that can be true about many things. Ethically, it is acceptable for an abortion to occur. It is a medical procedure, an autonomy, and it is ultimately the decision of the mother. At the stage of acceptable abortion, the service is ethical, and it is removing simply a cluster of developing cells. The actual service of an abortion is completely acceptable, and the choice should be made by the mother and not the

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