Opinion Essay On Arranged Marriage

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Arranged Marriages It is better to have an arranged marriage made by older wiser people because they are proven to last longer, make it easier to find a good spouse, and lower expectations. It is proven that couples in a arranged marriages last longer than couples in that freely choose. In the article, “The beautiful secret behind why arranged marriages last much longer than love marriages”, the author says “Only 4% of couples in an arranged marriage get divorced”(Snell). These couples normally grow more love toward each other as time goes on in their arranged marriage. In the same article, it states that “40-50% of married couples from the United States and Canada en in divorce”(Snell). The author says that the idea of an arranged marriage is a startling foreign thought and that having someone choose your spouse isn't what someone would want. But research suggests that there is a lot more to arranged marriages than we might see. Most of the time for people, when they no longer feel that same lovey-dovey love for the spouse that they use to feel earlier in the relationship, they may see it as a sign that the relationship should end. While in arranged marriages, they get married knowing that they won’t leave. So when…show more content…
This article states “ Love can often let you down, whereas an arranged marriage is based on expectations that are reasonable”(Bentley). The couple will most likely not meet each other until the day of their wedding, so they don’t expect a lot from each other. In free-choice marriages, couples will find that what they think is “normal” behavior may not be the same to their spouse. An article states “ We all come with the expectations based on past experiences”(Nelson). People get these unrealistic expectations with marrying for love, but they don’t understand that their partner won’t ever be the “perfect” person they dream
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