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Opinion Essay Answer the following questions in well-organized answers. These questions want your opinion about the Canadian economy, and while there are no right or wrong answers, you will be graded on how thoughtful and clear your answers are. Your task, after answering them, is to take your responses for each of these questions and turn them into an essay; this will involve some planning on your part in order to make these five questions into one cohesive essay. Your essay will be marked using the rubric at the end of this assignment. 1. In your opinion, what is the most important economic problem facing Canada today? In other words, the one that concerns you the most? Why is this case? The most important economic problem in Canada is the…show more content…
Justin Trudeau has been newly elected as the Prime Minister of Canada with his Liberal party. Unlike the former Conservative party, the Liberals are more radical, therefore the results of their actions taken to solve the economic problems will be hard to predict. With the Conservative party, it would take small steps in solving problems, therefore whether the results are successful or not, they would be mild and can be accepted more easily by the government and the people. But with the radical Liberal party, the results will likely be extreme. The Liberal party reduces the annual contribution limit of TFSAs from $10,000 back to $5,500, the reason for this reduction is that it wants to encourage people to spend more money into the market to fight the lack of money circulation in the society which resulted from the downfall of the economy. The Liberal party also accepts huge amounts of refugees which stimulate the anger of many Canadians. The Canadian economy is at its recession now, many local people are still struggling while the government announces that they are going to spend a huge amount of money in improving lives for foreign people. The money could have been used to help ourselves to boost our economy but the government does not seem to be concerned about our own…show more content…
First of all, Canada and the United States are two independent countries, they each have their own unique and fully developed system. The people in Canada and the United States would likely be resistant to the merging as well. More importantly, to think in an economic perspective, the biggest reason for not joining the United States is that Canada and the United States have very different ways of handling money, in terms of spending. Before the election of the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Canada was led by the Conservative Party under Stephen Harper. So Canada and its people are still fairly conservative. Canada do not borrow a huge amount of money from foreign countries, and therefore do not have a huge amount of debts. It wants people to save some money for future uses. However, the United States has the opposite idea. The United States borrows heavily from other countries and has heavy debts. It encourages people to spend money, and in some senses, spend “future money”—the idea that is similar to using a credit card: buy first, pay later. If Canada and the United States are joined together, this difference would not only create disorders in the functioning of the economic system, but also result in separations between citizens with different views in the ways of spending money. In this case, Canadians and Americans would not be able to accept each other anyway, even though the two

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