Opioid Abuse Case Study

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Presenting Problem Christina sought treatment from the PATHway program to address her opioid use disorder. She reported misusing benzodiazepines and heroin since the age of 15. Since the onset of her drug use, she reported experimenting with a myriad of other drugs before settling on the use of benzodiazepines and heroin as her primary substances. She reported her method of use for heroin is intravenous and orally for the benzodiazepines. In addition to Christina’s opioid use disorder, she is also pregnant and carrying twins. Her pregnancy has been complicated by her drug use, and that complication has been further compounded by the absence of prenatal care throughout Christina’s first and partially into her second trimester. One benefit of receiving treatment from the PATHway is that in addition to addressing her opioid use disorder, the program is also able to provide services from high risk obstetricians, nurses, and other supporting medical…show more content…
However, due to organizational constraints, the staff of the PATHway program is limited in their ability to fully address the patient’s co-occurring conditions. Moreover, the patient reported that the father of her twins has been physically and verbally abusive in the past. Given this information, safety is a chief concern for this patient, and being responsive to the safety needs of the patient is a fundamental consideration of treatment. With the consideration of intimate partner violence within the patient’s relationship, there is also the possible that the patient may be experiencing some trauma-related mental health concerns. But, again due to structural limitations, the program is only able to offer the patient resources and recommendations for additional treatment to meet other mental health
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