Opioids Persuasive Speech

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The Opioid ban is where doctors are not able to prescribe patients their prescription drugs of opioids that they need. Opioids should be given to all those in need because many opioid alternatives are lest effective. Such as the alternative of therapy, and alternative medicines witch can potentially make matters worse for them. The opioid ban should not be administered due to resulting issues that could occur. To introduce this topic, I will talk about what opioids are, why the opioid ban is an issue for those who use them, and the effectiveness of the governments’ and doctors ‘recommended alternatives. Opioids are drugs prescribed to people who are in a lot of pain, opioids tend to have a morphine like effect on their consumers, and it helps them rid of all their terrible pain that other prescription medicines are not strong enough to do. When the opioid ban is taken into serious effect many people who take opioids will have their prescription taken away from them. When their pain medicine(opioids)…show more content…
And why do they have to ban just opioids when many other common drugs could have the same drug effects on people? To answer the first question, I would say the government has looked through this whole thing and just want to get rid of the opioids for the sake of them looking good. It was just all about getting rid of them to decrease the amount of opioid abuse and just giving the people who really need it other alternatives that look like they work because the alternatives they give are un-called for like a massage and therapy every day (seemingly impossible to do with the problem of having to go to work). To answer the second question, I believe they would say that opioids have the strongest effect on people other than all the other prescription drugs out

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