Opponent Theory Of Emotion Analysis

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Emotion is a state of feeling which will result in some physical or psychological changes in our behavior. Emotions are not just casual forces but syndromes of components such as motivation, feeling, behavior and psychological changes. Emotion is also related to behavioral tendency.

The two emotional states that I have identified which I have recently experienced are fear and pleasure. Fear is considered as a negative emotion state and the happiness is the positive emotion state. The theory of emotion that describes my experiences is Opponent theory of emotion and the Cognitive Appraisal theory.

The Opponent theory was developed by Richard Solomon and John Corbit. According to Opponent process theory every process
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I had joined a driving school to learn driving and on the first day of my class I had a lot of fear within me as I did not know how to drive. Then after the first day when I got to learn the basics and had an idea how to drive, over the period of time my fear started reducing day by day when I started learning and getting the practice daily, but whenever I learnt a different area of driving like for example Declutch I used to have the fear as again it was a new thing which I was learning and after a good practice I had a great confidence as I knew how to drive because of my better performance day by day and my driving master also motivated me that I am getting better at driving and I am progressing at a good rate. After the end of my driving class course, I did not have the fear of driving and the fear changed into happiness and now whenever I drive I enjoy it and feel happy when I go for long…show more content…
But once I started learning and the fear vanished I got motivated to drive the car and now I feel so happy when I am driving a car.

The Cognitive Appraisal theory was developed by Richard Lazarus. In this theory the emotion within oneself is based on the way they appraise or evaluate the events around them. In simple terms it is a thought-out reaction to a situation. Each individual first observes the situation and processes it and then decides how to react.

The situation that relates to my experience is the volleyball tournament which I played in Bangalore. My team had been selected for the state level volleyball tournament held at Bangalore. We had prepared well for the match but there was a fear within me when it was the day of the match. Although I was well prepared but as the time of the match came near my fear started increasing, and when my match started and we entered the court there was a lot of fear, but at the same time the spectators watching the match were all thrilled and excited to watch our
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