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● The restaurant chains of China are undergoing an unprecedented wave of overseas expansion.
Chinese cuisine today plays an increasingly important role in the international market. In the United States, for example, Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisines have become the three most popular cuisines. There are 50,000 large and small Chinese restaurants in the USA, more than the total number of outlets of McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's altogether. They account for about 3.4% of U.S. retail outlets of the dining industry and 8.5% of its turnover, with an annual turnover of US$30 billion and 300,000 employees. 3
In 2009, 13 of China's top 100 restaurant chains set up 40 restaurants abroad. South Beauty, a restaurant chain, plans to
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The reason that western-style cuisines can achieve rapid development lies in their standardization,”

The “3+1” Standards for Dishes and Services
-Dishes 3+1: taste, freshness and promptness + reasonable level of stock Service 3+1: Ensure that the tastes of dishes meet unified standards, materials are fresh, dishes are served in a timely fashion, and there is no excessive or insufficient inventory.

-smiling, greeting and promptness + waiting area: Ensures that service personnel are always smiling, appropriately greeting the customers, and providing services in a timely fashion (customer satisfaction).

Human Resource Management The employee virtual equity plan, the profit sharing scheme and the flexible benefit option (including choice of various welfare programs such as housing, health care and children education), makes Meizhou Dongpo an industry leader in benefits.

Wang Gang attaches great importance to staff management. (era of talent competition)
- equal and win–win cooperative partnership, which offers employees a good stage to work on and fosters staff loyalty to the enterprise.
- establish open career paths and broad promotion

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