Opportunity In The American Dream

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Turner’s statement ‘since the days when the fleet of Columbus sailed into the waters of the New World, America has been another name for opportunity’(3) advances the view that America became a democratic land open to all as stipulated by the American constitution. It brought about the term ‘American dream’. The American dream was aimed at making America a free and equal society. Therefore, settlers from Europe saw a lot of opportunities for themselves: The constitution specified the absolute pre-eminence of individual rights for the first time in human history; settlers seized this idea and saw it as a font of limitless opportunities to better their lives and lives of their children. (Van Overtveldt) Every human being’s desire is to live a fulfilling life. People view such a life in terms of a good job with high salary, quality education in prestigious schools or gaining material wealth. Such is what has made America to be referred to as the land of opportunity. The democratic nature of America, its popular culture and its openness to immigrants became an attraction to immigrants. (Van Overtveldt) Lured by the prospects of a good life, many people from all over the world immigrated and are still immigrating to America every year. Although the American dream resulted in people of different cultures, language, and economic background coming together, the attainment of an ideal American dream became futile. There was a rise in inequality, racism and crime. Like any society,
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