Elements Of Crime

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Opportunity makes the Theft Opportunity is one of the elements of crime for it to occur. It is the cause of all crime to happen. There’s no occurrence of crime if there will be no physical opportunity to bring it out. Whatever ones want to do something, one cannot commit a crime without overcoming its physical requirements. At the same time, many people from broken family have never committed crimes, and many people from good families have become active offenders. But there’s no theory claims that an individual‘s condition is the reason why people commit crime. No single cause of crime is enough to guarantee why it occur, yet opportunity above all others is necessary and therefore has as much or more claim to being a “root cause” (Felson…show more content…
Predatory violations is an illegal acts in which a person decided and intentionally takes or damages another person or others property. Cohen and Felson (1979) explain the criminal event through three essential elements that meet in space and time in the course of daily activities: (a) a potential offender with the capacity to commit a crime; (b) a suitable target or victim; and finally (c) the absence of guardians capable of protecting targets and victims. The lack of any of these elements is capable enough to prevent the occurrence of a successful direct-contact predatory crime. The term target is partial to the victim, which might be completely absent in the setting of the crime. The target can be a person or an object, whose place or occasion puts it at more or less risk of culprit attackers. These attackers influenced a target risk elements called VIVA, which is the value, inertia, visibility and access. In contrast to theories of criminality, which are centred on the figure of the criminal and the psychological, biological, or social factors that motivated the criminal act, the focus of routine activity is the study of crime as an outcome, feature its relation to space and time and feature its ecological nature and the implications thereof (Mirὀ F., 2014). (Cohen and Felson (1979) “Social change and crime rate trends: A routine activity…show more content…
It is assumed, that crime is having a purpose behavior designed to meet the offender’s common place needs for such things as money, status, sex and excitement, and that meeting these needs involves the making of decisions and choices, constrained as these are by limits, ability, and the availability of relevant information. In addition, (Alkers, R. 1990) rational choice literature takes a strong quantitative modeling approach derived from econometric modeling, which advances our ability to test complex models of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system, Rational choice also has inspired some empirical work on decision making in specific crime and crime events as well as in criminal justice policy, both of which were projects that might not otherwise have been
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