Opposite Game Analysis

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How about we play the Opposite Game! I say a single word and you fill in the blank.

Hot ___________________
Up ___________________
Left ___________________
Big ___________________
Disabled ___________________

What would the average person say to the last word? Would he/she say"abled" or "enabled"? Then again, would he/she falter and say, "Ummmm?" If I could play that game with someone, I would love to see the reaction and response, because it is a difficult word to understand. Here 's the contrast between the initial four words and the last one. At a basic level, opposites are engraved in our learning, and we know how to handle words. Consequently, the response is programmed and takes little thought. In any case, as a general public, finding the positive alternative to the words "handicapped" or "disabled" is not engraved in our minds; and in the event that those words are a part of our vocabulary, there is a
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One thing we have in like manner is the air we inhale, the need for oxygen. What we have distinctive is our fingerprints. Along these lines, while we 're alive and breathing together, we should concentrate on the engraving each of us can leave on the planet. I know a young man named Tahron Herring, Jr., who passed away at eight years old in the wake of battling Adrenoleukodystrophy. Because of his sickness, his mom seriously battled for early screening for children, demonstrating the malady can surface and receive early treatment. As the young man 's wellbeing lessened quickly, and he appallingly passed on, what mark did he leave? It wasn 't his pump, accessible transportation, or whatever other hardware or machinery he needed. It is the fight he left behind to correct what was overlooked, the necessary screening for ALD, which is already implemented in several states, with many states starting the process of including ALD in their state newborn screening panels. Tahron will never see his purpose fulfilled, but society is benefiting from his

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