Oppression In African American Literature

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Resistance literature is a kind of rebellion, as oppressed people seek to change the circumstances surrounding them. It 's a defense of the victim, as it speaks for those who cannot speak and fight for those who can 't fight. It may be a combat of a dominant power. It is a weapon of outcry for those who are powerless. Its purpose is to express a certain feeling against an offender. America witnessed a gap between white and black citizens for centuries. Post modern literature which is called African American literature reflected this gape. African American literature is the body of literature produced by African descent writers in America. It focuses on the role of African Americans in the American society and explores issues of freedom and equality. It concentrates on some themes such as African American culture, racism, religion and slavery. African Americans started their literature in North America during the second half of the 18th century. Resistance literature is a result of oppression and violence, where tyrannized or maltreated people struggle for their rights even if the system believes in social equality and justice. Oppression has many dominant types that are tackled in African American works such as violence, gender oppression, racism and abuse of power. Some people practice…show more content…
Feminists believe that because of women 's weakness and fear of domestic violence, men exploit and oppress them. Men always keep women inferior and in second place. Feminism paved the way for black feminism which calls for an end of racism, sexism and class oppression. Black women suffer from more types of oppression than white women. Patricia Hill Collins defined Black Feminism in Black Feminism Thought as including “[w]omen who theorize the experiences and ideas shared by ordinary black women that provide a unique angle of vision on self, community and society.” Black Liberation Movement and the Women 's Movement led to another movement called the Black Feminist
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