Oppression In David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas

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David Mitchell’s book, Cloud Atlas is known to be packed with a variety of literary elements, ranging from the different versions of storytelling throughout the book to the different allusions that are incorporated into each reading. However through this complex and intertwined form of literature, many interesting elements tend to go unseen by the reader. One clear example of this is the theme of oppression that consistently occurs throughout every story. However, the story of “An Orison of Sonmi~451” takes this form of oppression to a whole different level, for the minds of the purebloods within the Neo So Corpos society are so entrenched in the idea of thriving and success, that they would even justify the oppression of fabricants as long as it benefitted “the greater good”, a concept that is also utilized in many other forms of literature.
The theme of oppression becomes quite evident in “An Orison of Sonmi~451”, a story which is told by a fabricant named Sonmi~451 in the form of an interview. Within this interview, the fabricant Sonmi~451 paints a vivid picture of what life as a fabricant is like in the Korean society of Neo So Corpos. Through this narration, the intense level of oppression becomes quite evident to the readers. For example, when Sonmi~451 explained what her
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It can exist in a variety of situations and settings, including many different types of religions, morals, and literature. Since it is such a common concept, it is important to identify where the term came from, and to understand what it truly means. The concept of “the greater good” was created within the writings of influential philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Cicero. Early on, the idea of “the greater good” was a pure concept, which consisted of having the social systems, institutions and environments all depend on each other to work in a manner that benefits all
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