Oppression In Mushrooms And Truth

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The key aspect discussed in this Essay is two poems, Mushrooms and Truth. The main theme of the poems is Oppression, Oppression is a status many groups of people who are 'different ' are placed in. Oppression is the meaning of being treated unjust due to being different to the 'normal ' person. Within Mushrooms and Truth oppression is explored, each poem is written about two different groups of oppressed people and that theme shows through clearly. Both poems convey the theme of oppression but explain it in similar yet different ways. Sylvia Plath and Barrie Wade are the poets who have put the deep meaning of Oppression into their poems similarly but in two different ways. Oppression is important in Mushrooms and Truth because both poems are written based on an oppressed group of people. Mushrooms is constructed clearly to represent the oppression theme. The technique used in Mushrooms that helps to convey the theme of Oppression is Personification, as the poem is giving Mushrooms lifelike features from the oppressed people to set a clear image on how the Oppressed people suffer. Evidence such as "Our toes, our noses, take hold on the loam, Acquare the air" allows the audience to know how the oppressed group suffer comparing it to mushrooms. Mushrooms and Truth both convey the same theme of oppression similarly by using references toward human like actions through metaphors. Truth includes metaphors that are repeated throughout the verses to state the true meaning
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