Oppression In Muslim Culture

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There are various forms of religious oppression, particularly within our seemingly Christian-dominated culture. To explain this, let’s look at a Muslim-practicing individual. An example of individual/interpersonal oppression is someone calling this person’s religion “strange” or ostracizing them because they do not understand their practices, spouting off religious slurs or even viewing this person as more so of a “threat” simply due to their religion. Comedian JusReign, a Sikh practicing comedian, has often made humorous videos explaining how one does not understand his religion or its practices. He joked in one video that he was asked if, during sex or using the bathroom, he kept his turban on. Another had someone asking what he kept under his turban and when JusReign asked what the individual in question thought he kept under there, he answered, “I don’t know, grenades?” (Youtube). An institutional form is prayer done prior to school football games or even just major school events; while this is not mandatory, it may also lead to social exclusion of students and does not adhere to traditional prayer practices of someone of Muslim faith. Lastly, many of our societal values come from Christian faiths, with our entire…show more content…
For example, even someone who “looks” Muslim may be randomly searched at an airport, despite not being Muslim. This is particularly seen in Sikhs who, due to their turban and dark skin, are thought to be Muslim and are, therefore, thought to be radical. In a post 9/11 world, Muslim, Sikhs, and those of Middle Eastern descent have had to face a battle of both racial and religious oppression, having to justify both the color of their skin and their religion. One individual said, “I’m sitting on the flight now, shaken. I’m thinking of the countless subtle acts of profiling of Muslim Sikh and brown bodies in the last 14 years”
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