Oppression In Our Society

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Oppression is the root of many and most serious, enduring conflicts in this world today, there is racial and religious conflicts,dictatorial government and their citizens, the battle between sexes, conflicts between management and labor , the hatred against home and hetero sexual relations.

What constitutes oppression? Oppression occurs when the majority of shareholders in a situation condome cruelty. In england there is a lot of cruelty going on which constitutes oppression. During “the Declaration of Independence”there is a lot of cruelty and punishments going on. “ Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, repeated has only been answered only by injury”(Jefferson). In “the Declaration of Independence”the crowd know that this is going on but yet they let it keep happening. If the people today were to choose from peace or cruelty the people would probably choose peace. We the people should whether this should happen or not .

In the Frederick douglass speech (douglass) says “fellow-citizens,pardon me ,allow ,w to ask, why i am called upon to speak today?What have i ,or those i represent,to do with your national independence ,are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice,embodied in “the Declaration of
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Tons of different kinds for example there is tons of racism when people are telling people that they do not belong because of their color or that they do not belong because of their religion everyone should be accepted for who they are and not what other people think that they are. In the book “I too” they are saying how the girl and boys were treated different because of their gender. In our society today there is not common things like men being nurses or women being engineneers like everyone should be able to do anything without being judged but honestly that is how the world is everyone is going to judge you because they have nothing better to do with their
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