Oppression Of Men In Latin American Society Essay

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How The Oppression of Men in Latin American Society Expressed Throughout Chronicle of a Death Foretold Using Santiago Nasar’s Death to Express the Archetypes in Latin American Society The inevitability of Santiago Nasar’s death highlights the oppression of men in Latin American society by expressing the unfair retribution placed on the Vicario brothers for Angela Vicario’s defilement. It is expressed throughout the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold that men in Latin American culture are counted upon to protect their families honor regardless of the consequences attached to their actions. Despite common misconception, social restraints are placed on both men and women throughout society as seen in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Men in the…show more content…
This fact becomes apparent when Vicario brothers were forced to avenge the humiliation inflicted upon their family by performing an honor killing. This was a result of Santiago Nasar’s alleged fornication with Angela Vicario, their sister. Following the Vicario brothers’ revenge they declared this publicly, "We killed him openly," Pedro Vicario said, "but we're innocent." "Perhaps before God," said Father Amador. "Before God and before men," Pablo Vicario said. "It was a matter of honor." When Pablo Vicario declared it was a matter of honor he ended up unknowingly perpetuating society’s traditional view of men. Pablo makes it apparent that what he did was seen as a sort of aphorism. In addition to this, it showcases the constraints placed upon Latin American men by greater society by exploring the denial the Vicario brothers face in murdering Nasar. However, despite the unwillingness of the Vicario brothers to express the feeling of remorse for the death of Santiago Nasar, they publicly announced their complicity and responsibility concerning the event of Santiago Nasar’s
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