Oppression Of Women In Angela Carter's 'The Company Of Wolves'

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Oppression of women
The role of women in the society has changed as a result of self-expression through literature. Men had power over the women and controlled the economic and social aspects of the contemporary society. Women were mainly associated with marriage institutions and took over the secondary roles, while the social expectations were high. The pressure in the gender disparity was dominant and as women started advocating for equality, with roles changing from simple and instinctive to complex and difficult. The theme of oppression of women in marriages and their social roles is most dominant in most literary works, and women are seen as objects of adversities despite the high social expectations in women
Gilbert and Gubar analyze
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This argument holds that men have power over the women is illustrated in Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves”. Angela has used the imagery of wolves but she uses the animals to depict the position of the society in relation to the oppression of women in the society. The malevolence of wolves illustrates the ruthlessness and ferocity of the animals, which makes them feared. Angela utilizes the story of a young girl who travels by foot through the woods without the consent of the wolves which lived in the area she was crossing. In relation to the men and the society in the world, the men are seen as the wolves, with their ruthlessness and ferocity being illustrated by the actions of the…show more content…
Vincent Millay, through her poem, “Love is not all” stands the test of time in poetry. Millay introduces a debate through her topic and theme of the story, “love is not all” which sparks debate and emotions on the relationships based on love. Millay gives the full details on the physical traits of survival which cannot be obtained by love. The tone of the poem is a bitter tone as she explains what love is about and what it is not. Millay’s poem uses the image to illustrate how one loves someone and the reader gets to know the truth about love (St. Vincent n.p). When relating the poem to the theme of the study, most marriages are formed on the foundations of love. The aspect of love in marriage makes it even more interesting as there are so many aspects which influence marriage, but love conquers them all. In most marriages, the society sets high expectations in marriage from the cultural aspects, which makes men the head of families. It may be argued that it gives them control over the other members of the society, and may use their powers to exert undue influence on them. Edna paints the truth of love as an oppression for the women in the society, where they have to give up their rights to
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