Oppression Of Women In Othello Essay

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In Shakespeare’s Othello and in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles women play an important role in the development of the plot. Shakespeare and Glaspell develop these women differently to enhance their message.
In Othello, Emilia, Desdemona, and Bianca are all treated very poorly by their male counterparts. Cassio treats Bianca horribly. Sadly, this treatment is common for the time the play was written. Women have been oppressed throughout history. Even nowadays women are not always on a level playing field with men. Shakespeare uses this oppression of women to enhance his theme and message of the play. Women in this play shape the way the plot unfolds. Emilia is possibly the smartest women in this entire play and is not appreciated by her husband Lago. Emilia even goes as far as to help Lago with his evil plan and he never thanks her. Desdemona is the most important women character of the play and is treated the worst by her husband Othello. Desdemona is a loving and faithful wife and is not trusted by her husband. Othello believes his friend Lago over Desdemona his own wife. Instead of treating her fairly and the way she deserved he argues with her and ridicules her. Desdemona is a perfect example of a wife and Othello will not believe her because she is just a woman. Othello is easily convinced his wife is cheating and feels humiliated and therefore feels it is justified for him to smother her. When Othello states, “She turned to folly, and she was a whore” (5.2.134) he
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Othello shows a much harsher view of women in society and even justifies a husband murdering his wife he assumes to be cheating. Trifles shows how women are not regarded as helpful to society and how men do not think they can be concerned with important things. Both plays views of women help to add to the author’s theme and make the plot more interesting to the

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