Oprah And Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Oprah and Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz Directions: Answer the following questions as you watch the special. All questions are in chronological order and many require some analysis on your part. Make sure your answers are thorough and complete. 1. Why does Elie feel the need for silence when he returns to Auschwitz? to remember the silence he felt then and to try to connect to the dead soul and hear their mourns 2. Auschwitz could be considered the largest cemetery in the world. So why does Elie say that “the cemetery is in our hearts”? 3. What has Elie come to believe about his suffering and the suffering of people in general? 4. Elie describes the process of losing one’s identity (what the Jews were deprived of, in order). List this process below. ad…show more content…
Similarly, according to Elie, how did one’s world slowly shrink? List this process below. 6. Where will Elie not go within Auschwitz and why? 7. Oprah says “you saw the babies being thrown into the fire and yet you lived… you didn’t go insane.” How does Elie respond? Why? 8. Why is it difficult for Elie to return to the barracks? How does he feel when he’s there or in Auschwitz in general? 9. How does Elie feel about the fact that he survived and why does he think it was possible? 10. Oprah asks if he and the other prisoners ever adjusted to the madness. How does Elie respond? 11. What was so difficult about re-adjusting to life after the camps, if you
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