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Considering the leadership traits of Oprah Winfrey, I would characterize her leadership traits as being influential, charismatic, motivating, and determined just to name a few. Oprah demonstrates all of these qualities of her leadership every day. Her inspiration, selflessness and her representation of herself are always true to anyone, no matter whom they are or where they come from. Oprah has displayed the ability to maintain her leadership status, just being who she is by caring and being supportive as well as full of knowledge. Oprah is always sending a message of hope and that is what draws so many people to her. Oprah combines her beliefs and capabilities with others in order to lead successfully. Having the ability to motivate others…show more content…
Comparing his leadership traits to that of Oprah’s, I feel Gary’s traits include intelligence, confidence, and determination. Gary has always been determined and confident when it came to the company meeting goals. Gary often encouraged us to do our best and the end result would be rewarding for both the company and ourselves. Even on a bad day, Gary always tried to see the positive in everything and never wanted to let anyone down. I would characterize Gary as a directive and supportive leader. Gary was the type that would be more instructional based on what the upper management’s needs were and always followed the company’s rules. Although he was smart, confident, and determined, Gary was not very talkative. He had great communication skills when he used them; however, I feel as if he was strictly business and never personal with others within the company. This ineffective trait never made him a bad leader, however, I just felt if he communicated more effectively with the employees, he would have been a more superior…show more content…
If I had to choose one as being the most critical or the one that has the biggest impact on leadership I would say traits. Traits have a big impact on leadership because the more traits that you have or the opportunity to build on more traits is what I believe makes a successful leader. Although not all traits are needed or will be used in all situations of leadership, they can be developed or attained. I think traits right off the bat will somewhat tell who will or will not be an effective leader. Although traits can be learned and developed, I believe they play a major role and whether someone will be comfortable leading others or whether they have the capability to lead others. As previously stated, Oprah has so many traits that have made her a successful well-balanced leader. There isn’t one correct style for all leaders in all circumstances at all times and any group or individual behaves differently from each other. Each leader has to figure out their differences and adapt according to each of their own situations. In the end, they use the same ideas in different ways the suit them that brings them the success of being a leader. As far as Gary, I think he needs to pull in more of the charismatic style leadership. Being more open to the employees as well as improving communication. Having mostly traditional leadership style, everyone is always tipping toeing around, and not able to be themselves

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