Oprah Winfrey: A Successful Business Person

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Oprah is a successful business person. But she is different from other business icons. “I don’t think of myself as a businesswoman,” she says. From hosting a talk show to acting, Winfrey grabbed every opportunity she believed was necessary to help more people. She states, “The reason I’ve been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money”. As one of the most powerful people in the world, she is the source of inspiration and strength to many people. Her passionate personality brought her fame. Winfrey leads from the heart by making connection with others. She is not afraid of being real by sharing her own experience, including her setbacks and mistakes, to motivate others.
Leveraging her fame on multi-award winning talk show, Oprah uses her influence and power to lift up people and make a better world. She has clearly become a brand. She understood that everything she does is the reflection of her brand. She cares about her reputation and is not interested to license her name for monetary gain. She prefers to use her name to promote social causes and education. Inspired by the late Nelson Mandela, Oprah went on to build the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls just outside Johannesburg, in Mandela’s native country. Oprah says, “Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom”. One of her dreams was fulfilled
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Oprah campaigned for her friend, a Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election. It was her first-ever presidential endorsement. Her campaigns for Obama in Iowa and South Carolina drew record-setting crowd. Her involvement increased the share of the vote and the campaign contributions received by Obama, as well as the overall level of voter participation. However, Oprah did not campaign for Obama in the 2012 race. She claimed she is too busy to get involved in

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