Oprah Winfrey: Extrinsic Motivation

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According to Oxford Dictionary, motivation is defined as the desire or willingness to do something. (Oxforddictionaries.com) Motivation plays an important role in improving work productivity and setting goals. Based on the model of motivation, need is known as the internal deficiency which causes drive in an individual. Drive is the energized motivational state that activates a response whereas the response is the actions designed to attain a goal while goal is the target of motivated behaviour. Therefore, the importance of motivation cannot be overstated because it is the psychological catalyst an individual requires to reach the goal.
In order to achieve goals in life, an individual often has the drives that stimulates them to act in a certain way. Whether it’s intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation, it can be defined as a force within an individual that boost them to satisfy their own needs and wants. In this case, intrinsic motivation is the motivation coming from within instead of external rewards. It’s based
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In early years, when Oprah Winfrey was six years old, she was sent to north to join her mother in a Milwaukee ghetto, an extremely poor and dangerous neighbourhood. She struggles a lot in order for her activities to be confined to fulfil her physiological needs. Oprah need to meet her needs to enable her to move up the hierarchy. She has experienced and witnessed poverty in many dimensions when she was young.
Once physiological needs are satisfied then safety needs become predominant. These needs reflect freedom from physical dangers. Oprah endure years of sexual and physical abuse throughout her time with her mother. The abuse lasted for five years and was emotionally devastating. She tried to break free but was sent to a juvenile detention home, only to be denied admission because all the beds were
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