Oprah Winfrey's Acceptance Speech Analysis

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On January 7th, 2018 Oprah Winfrey had her Golden Globe Award Acceptance Speech. Through the use of eloquence with her modes of writing: Narration, example, and definition. Oprah created more than just an award acceptance speech, but, a tool to enforce her purpose, a voice must be heeded to the voiceless and awareness must be raised to women (her intended audience) in society. In the following paragraphs, her eloquence and the structure of her argument from her claims down to the building blocks of her speech will be analyzed. In her first section, Oprah needed a way to connect with the audience. She already had their attention by coming up and accepting the award, but, if she were to make her speech she would need to solidify and stabilize the audience's attention. In order to do that, Oprah opened up with a fallacy or an appeal to the crowd in the form of an anecdoted introduction. By…show more content…
Oprah saw that as he was the first black man to win this same award, that now “at this moment (...) she became the first black women to be given the same award” By saying that she showcases her intended audience, women, and in trying to remain inclusive she includes men as showcased in later examples. In order to further establish her well-known credibility and pay homage to the people that helped her to receive this award. Oprah thanks Dennis Swanson, Quincy Jones, Steven Spielberg, and many other people for their help in her success. Then Oprah thanks the Hollywood Foreign Press Association press who is ”under siege”. With the introduction of the press. Oprah initiates her argument by stating her first claim which underlines the press, “it is the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice”. Oprah wants to see a free press that reports honestly and truthfully, so that awareness can be brought on problems that are experienced by women in
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