Optician Practitioner

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Optician is a technical practitioner who designs, fits and dispenses corrective lenses for the correction of person’s vision. When I will become a licensed optician, I will serve the people in the following ways: 1: By conducting free or affordable eye care camps. More than a billion people do not have access to the eye care they need. So these camps will help them to access what they need. Moreover, these camps also encourage charitable funds which will further help other people too. It also helps in accumulation of eye wear donation. 2. I will try to give employment to the rising opticians to increase their experience so that they can commute to remote areas for helping needy and poor people. 3.Moreover, the minority groups who are often…show more content…
In these dispensaries, I will prefer different designs of frames which will be suitable to different people and will provide lifetime adjustments and minor repair services. I would make another approach to solving the vision problem emphasizes technological innovation to provide low-cost, self-adjustable spectacles. These eyeglasses are called AdSpecs. This will prevent people to spend their money again and again on glasses and they didn’t need to see the doctor often. I will use internet to aware people about the location of camps near around them by designing my own website. I will also provide as much help as possible to the people as I could through the website. I will design my online shopping site too, on which people will able to purchase online glasses. I will also provide free delivery to the people. I will ensure that defected glasses should be replaced in shortest time period. I will hire my staff which would be well educated and well mannered. I have seen over some places that patients are not treated as well as they should. Every patient needs to be cared by the medical staff. I would order the contact lenses for the patients as I will have authority to do
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