Optimal Accountability In Student Education

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Optimal Accountability System

Ann Gaillard
Acacia University

An optimal accountability system is comprehensive, holistic and constructive in nature, and is considered a shared responsibility by all stakeholders. It is holistic and comprehensive in the sense that all student data are evidence of learning. Accountability is more than just scores obtained in standardized testing. It is acknowledging that teaching is a child of art and science. One part can be understood through qualitative description, while the other part can be measured. It is constructive in a sense that the information gathered from different sources is used to enhance the written, taught and assessed curriculum. For example, teacher-created, locally scored common
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Quantifiable information may include showing the frequency of inviting community members in the classrooms; various communication channels between school and home; recognizing student success by displaying trophies; and use of a team approach to monitor student progress. By measuring and reporting on these efforts, we can see the influence of outside factors in the classroom. An optimal accountability system is a collective effort. All stakeholders - students, teachers, parents, administrators in schools, districts and states - take responsibility by telling their story and by opening up the possibility of being scrutinized for their role in supporting student achievement. For Voke (2002), students take responsibility for their learning, ask and answer their own questions, solve problems by addressing local issues, engage in simulations, work cooperatively to complete projects, and apply their understandings to real­world…show more content…


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