Optimism And Failure In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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A time before Christmas or Birthday, people long-await the family and friends coming together, the feast, and, most of all, the gifts to be given. Our minds has a tendency of coming up of high-end and costly presents, we would become eager and excited to the thought. Though in the end, most don’t get what they bargained for. We concept potential, positive ideas of the future to make ourselves feel satisfied and safe in the present, as this could also be abused, only paying attention to your illusions will cause you dissatisfaction by the reality. Animal Farm conveys a hopeless situation in which one sparked everyone with hope for the future, that lead to countless disillusionments later on. George Orwell relentlessly deteriorate the animal’s optimism and confidence with the use of manipulation by one of the animals and hard work and time getting razed to the ground, this would affect them…show more content…
In Animal Farm, when Napoleon found out someone was in league with Snowball, a former leader allege to be treasonous, he had to take drastic measures leaving many animals to contemplate. “They were shaken and miserable. They did not know which was more shocking -- the treachery of the animals who had leagued themselves with Snowball, or the cruel retribution they had just witnessed.” (VII, 74). Petrified by the sight of animals killing other animals, the animals left cannot bring themselves to believe what they had just seen for they had been told that killing one another is considered immoral as dictated and written in their own commandments. The animals surely would be unable to trust their own government as they are unsure they are able to fulfill to retain their safety, though they are once again deceived and manipulated by one of the

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