Role Of Optimism In Candide

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Introduction: The journeys in the long eighteenth century have a number of narratives fictional and nonfictional. One can cite the early novel by Aphra Behn's, The Royal Slave and Candide form the French writer Voltaire. In this text, I will consider optimism and pessimism in the Voltaire's novel, Candide or optimism (1959). There are two main different characters and each of them represents a different school of thought. They are Pangloss and Martin. The essay will examine the ways Candide reacts to the characters’ perspectives and ends up considering Voltaire’s own views. Blind optimism has concealed human eyes from the flaws of the world from the time when the Enlightenment. Voltaire's test to the old thoughtful of the community is to discovery applied and valuable information to describe the world in which he was. The term sightless optimism mentions to innocence, or a propensity to expect the finest possible consequences,…show more content…
I will look at the foil characters Pangloss and Martin in this novel. Such as Candide’s tutor and a philosopher Pangloss, His optimistic confidence that this world is “best of all possible worlds”. (Voltaire, 2013, p. 9) This optimistic feeling is the central target of Voltaire’s mockery. Pangloss’s philosophy mockeries the ideas of the Enlightenment philosopher Leibniz. Leibniz keeps that an all things are good, powerful God had made the world and that, consequently, the world necessity be faultless. When human existences observe something as incorrect or evil, it is simply because they do not know the final good that the so known as evil is destined to help. Alike Candide, Pangloss is not a realistic character; to some extent, he is a one-sided, overstated image of a certain substantial of philosopher whose character is close from his philosophy. Pangloss Supporter of optimism. He upholds that the whole thing happens for the best and for adequate
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